The FOX Company is founded in 1946 and is present in some of the most renowned world trade centers and the most prominent commercial streets in Singapore, Russia, China, Thailand, Israel, Panama, Filippines, Canada, Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania.
The brand develops quality fashion for four target audiences :woman , men, kids and babies as well as suitable accessories to go with them , wearing the respected brand names :FOX Women ,FOX Man , Fox Kids, Fox Baby. The brand name FOX accessories and the trendy collections of jeans are additional accents in FOX`s fashion concept.

June 2006-3 shops are opened-FOX Adults, FOX Kids and FOX Baby in Mall of Sofia
March 2007-Shop in the main street of Plovdiv with all 4 brands-Women, Men, Kids and Baby is opened
December 2007- Shop opens in the main street of Burgas with FOX Kids and FOX Baby
May 2008-FOX 2 shops-FOX Adults and FOX Kids&Baby in Mall of Varna are opened
October 2008- 2 shops-FOX Adults and FOX Kids&Baby open in Park Mall Stara Zagora
March 2008- 2 shops-FOX Adults and FOX Kids&Baby in Mall of Plovdiv are opened
May 2009 -FOX Kids&Baby opens in City Center Sofia

FOX offers a large diversity of cuts, designs, colors and quality fabrics. FOX`S message to its audience is to enjoy a youthful and playing fashion, suitable for the contemporary lifestyle, requiring a combination of comfort and style.
The brand marks the newest and most suitable design of jeans and T-shirt, work fashion and free time clothing and all kind of wear for kids and babies at reasonable prices. FOX wants to satisfy the fashion demands and caprices of both sexes, stressing of the deferent
Necessities of their respective age groups- babies, children, teenagers and all other people who are young at heart .In this sense, the brand is universal and yet the concept of the clothing succeeds to catch skillfully the specifics of every one of its target group, focusing in detail on their desires and fashion inclination.

FOX Brand-Nature, Mission and Strategy
The great popularity the brand enjoys among young people and its other target markets, positions FOX as a cultural icon. This icon symbolizes youth with alternative values of rebelliousness, self-confidence, power, freedom, spontaneity, “coolness” and fun.
FOX has set a strategic goal of totally changing the habits of fashion consumption not also in Israel but also worldwide, where it is present. This goal has been achieved by building a “NEW AGE BRAND” which brings together a strong, desirable, vigorous brand image and thus projects it onto its clothing lines. The unique language of the brand is youth, where life is free of worries and obligations. This age of carefree youth is critical not only for those in it, but also for older audience who hope for freedom and independence. FOX`s fantasy is built not only on leading figures, which are admired by the youth and reflect total freedom, fun and sexuality, but also on a new role destined for the garment-clothes as a mean of seduction. The brand represents the bond between desire and sensibility as an element, which turns a consumer into an actualized reality, and this, more than everything, distinguishes FOX`s success.
Where to find the fashion lines of FOX in Bulgaria?
The diverse fashion clothing and accessories of FOX are available in all our FOX shops:
Mall of Sofia , 101 Al.Stamboliiski Bul.
City Center Sofia, 2 Arsenalski Bul.
Mall of Plovdiv, 8 Perushtica Str.
Mall of Varna, 78 Vl.Varnenchik Bul.
Stara Zagora:
Park Mall St.Zagora,52 Nikola Petkov Bul.